Tim Lamb

Tim Lamb

The Tim Lamb Children’s Centre has been named after our much loved chair of trustees, who died very unexpectedly in 2012 of a heart attack while playing football at the age of 50. One of Tim’s passions was his 5-a-side team where he played every week for many years…. but of course one of his other passions was to make our dream a reality, to support families from across the North East who have a child with a disability,  by creating our vision of a “ONE STOP SHOP FACILITY” for disabled children and their families.

Tim’s brave family and his work colleagues at the Metro Centre (where he was the manager) have continued to support our work to ensure we realise his dream, which is shared with so many families from across the region, who have a child with either a disability or additional needs no matter what they are.

Seven months after Tim’s tragic death we opened the doors of the TIM LAMB CENTRE and we hope Tim would have been proud of the wonderful building that has been created.

Tim you touched the lives of so many people who instantly became your friend. You will be in our hearts forever as we all miss you so very much.

We are very grateful to Tim’s brave family for the support they have given us.